Though it may not be a discipline that most people spend time thinking about, mechanical engineering is critical to so many aspects of everyday life, from modern conveniences to basic understandings of science.

Indeed, mechanical engineering is one of the oldest scientific disciplines and can be traced back centuries to the great thinkers of Ancient Greece like Archimedes.

Contributions from these ancient engineers include chariots with differential gears, water clocks, and even a primitive steam engine.

In 1206, one of the foundational books of mechanical engineering was written by Muslim inventor and engineer Al-Jazari, called Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices which included the beginnings of such important modern designs as the crankshaft.

Why does the world need mechanical engineering? 1

As scientific thinking continued to progress, mechanical engineering expanded to include more analytical thought, particularly with Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, which were integral to continued engineering progress.

Ultimately, most things that we use today that involve any type of moving parts comes, at least in part, from the minds of mechanical engineers and that is unlikely to change any time soon.

Even the development of more sophisticated electronics and other technologies will depend at least in part on mechanical engineers. That is why mechanical engineering is an interesting and essential area of concentration.

Why does the world need mechanical engineering? 2


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